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Just getting started with Batch PDF Merger? Read our Quick Start Guide. It’s the fastest way to get you going.

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Make sure you've downloaded and installed the software from our download page.

  1. First, open the program by double clicking the Batch PDF Merger icon on your desktop (for Mac users, the icon is located in your Applications folder).

    Select your PDF files to be merged in one of two ways: Drag and drop your PDF files (or folder containing PDF files) into the application's window. Or, you may click the button "Click here to choose your PDF Files" to select your PDFs.
  2. Next, rearrange the files in any order by simply dragging and dropping the files in the program's window (to select multiple files, press the Ctrl key (Command key on Mac) while dragging).

    If you need to split apart and view individual PDF pages, click the button "Split/View Pages". You will now see each page of each PDF file in the right window. Place your mouse over a given page to view the page. Simply drag and drop the pages to reorder in this window. Selected pages can be removed by clicking "Remove Page", which will remove the selected page(s) in the right window. (Note: Your original files will always remain untouched, nothing gets deleted)
  3. Finally, click "Merge Files" and choose a name and location for the new merged file (by default, the program will create a file named "Merged PDF" on your Desktop, you can always rename it and save it elsewhere).

First, download the program by going to our Download Page and click on your operating system (Mac or Windows).

Chrome (Windows):

1. Click the "Keep" button.

This is the standard warning for all downloadable files.

2. Click on the Installer.

This will start the installation process.

3. Select your language.

Continue with the installation and enjoy!

Internet Explorer (Windows):

1. Click "Run".

This will start the installer.

2. Select your language.

Continue with the installation and enjoy!

Edge (Windows):

1. Click "Run".

This will start the installer.

2. Select your language.

Continue with the installation and enjoy!

Firefox (Windows):

1. Save the Batch PDF
Merger application.

Click Save File when prompted.

2. Open the Batch PDF
Merger installer.

From your browser's Downloads window, double click the .exe
file that just downloaded.

3. Follow setup instructions.

Select your language and follow installation instructions and you'll be all set!

Mac OS X:

1. Download the file.

From your browser's download location
double click the Batch PDF Merger file.

2. Follow installation instructions.

Follow install instructions to complete the installation.

This is a limitation of our demo version. To permanently remove the SAMPLE mark and be able to merge more than 2 files at once, you will need to purchase a license key from our web store.

In some cases, a user will activate the license and inadvertently try to convert a file that has the SAMPLE mark on it from previous runs. Make sure you use the original files, ones without the SAMPLE mark after you have activated the license key.

Installation Errors

A common error you may encounter is a Java-related error and this happens when you are trying to download and install the program while you have the program already open on your desktop (this affects Windows only Users).

The simple fix for this is to either: 1) restart the computer, or 2) quit the program by opening Task Manager, select the program and "End Process", OR do the following:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on System and Securities, then select System
  • In the left tab, click Advanced Systems Properties
  • Select Environment Variables
  • In the System Variables box below, click New
  • Use New Variable Name: _JAVA_OPTIONS and New Variable Value: -Xmx512M, then click OK

Errors During a Merge

If an error occurs during the merge, this typically means one of your PDF files is encrypted or corrupt. Most of these errors are fixed in version 4.4 or higher. Click here to download the latest version.

Windows Users: Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader (here's a link to the free download of Adobe Reader). Simply double click the problematic file and now it will open in Adobe Reader. Then save the file with a new name (File>Save as>PDF), choose a new name and location. Try re-merging the newly saved file. NOTE: This is not the same as right clicking on the file and renaming it!.

Mac Users: Open the PDF file in the Preview Application and rename the file, save it, and try re-merging the PDFs.

Error During License Key Activation

If you are getting an error during the license key activation, try disabling your antivirus software or firewall to resolve this issue. Click here for instructions on how to do so. Our program has been Norton Approved.

First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Batch PDF Merger from the download page.

If you don't have your license key, you can get it here. Then, proceed to our activation page for instructions.

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