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We recognize the good work colleges, universities, non-profits, and governmental agencies do, often under strict budgets. To support their efforts, we offer these organizations special discounts on our products. If you think your organization may qualify, please contact our Sales Department.

Are you eligible?

See if you're eligible for our low education prices and if you may purchase Batch PDF Merger software for your personally owned computer or those owned by your institution. To qualify, purchasers must be one of the following: accredited schools, faculties, full- or part-time registered students, academic supervisory organizations, hospitals, libraries, museums, or non-profit charitable and religious organizations.


Accredited Schools (Institutions may be either publicly or privately owned. ): Preschools, Elementary schools, Secondary schools, Vocational schools, Correspondence schools, Junior colleges, Colleges, Universities, or scientific or technical institutes recognized by the appropriate ministry or department of education.
K – 12 Educators, Vocational, College or University Faculty: Proof of current employment is required. Faculty and/or staff members (full- or part-time) of any accredited school. Registered and/or state-recognized home educators providing primary or secondary education.
Students: Full- or part-time registered students. Valid photo student identification is required. If a photo ID is not available, then two pieces of ID are required.
Supervisory Organizations:: Boards of education, Ministries of education, School district administrative offices, and State departments of education.


Hospitals: All hospitals. Health Management Organizations (HMO) and headquarters are excluded.
Libraries: All public and school libraries (publicly or privately funded) providing not-for-profit library services to a community, region or district.
Educational Consortia and Systems: Corporations and associations validly organized and existing under the laws of a state, province or territory.
Museums:: Permanent public or private non-profit agencies or institutions organized for educational, aesthetic or cultural purposes. Must own or use objects for exhibition to the general public on a permanent and regular basis. Must collect, preserve, study, interpret, assemble and exhibit objects and specimens of educational and cultural value, including artistic, scientific (animate or inanimate), historical and technological material, to the public for its instruction and eNCoyment.
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations: Charitable organizations not affiliated with a profit-making company or organization. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3). In Canada, refer to Revenue Canada Income Tax Act, Section 149.1 on charities.
Religious Organizations : Any religious body considered charitable under provincial, state or country laws. In the U.S., refer to IRS Tax Exemption 501 (c)(3). The organization's beliefs and practices must not be considered subversive or immoral by the courts or laws of the province, state or country.

Terms and Conditions

Organizations must be able to show proof of eligibility and applicable accreditation. It is Essex Software's sole discretion to accept or decline the applicant. Any issues or concerns regarding the preceding definitions shall be resolved at Essex Software's discretion. All software must be used for internal administrative or educational instruction purposes only. Products may not be resold, donated or used as a prize in any promotion.